OS/2 eZine

16 May 2000

Christopher B. Wright
Editor in Chief

Robert Basler
Fernando Cassia
Ben Dragon
Simon Gronlund
Thomas Gunzelmann
Steven Harris
Richard R. Klemmer

Due to the switch to a new layout and format, many of the areas of the OS/2 eZine site (archives, zipped versions, etc.) have been temporarily disconnected. They will return soon.


From the Editor
Publishing a magazine every month -- even when it's an electronic one -- is hard work. It's even harder when you're not in the game... [more]

Guest Editorial: Robert Basler
"Insulting OS/2 Software Developers Everywhere..." Robert Basler sticks his neck out and responds to some unkind comments made on Usenet about OS/2 developers. [more]


CD-Burning for the Masses
Yes you can burn CDs under OS/2... and you can do it a lot cheaper than you may have thought... Fernando Cassia shows you what you need and how to get it. [more]

Papyrus 8 for OS/2
Thomas Gunzelman gives us a run-down of Papyrus 8, a full-fledged Desktop Publishing application for OS/2... finally available for English-speaking users. [more]


dieevilspammersdiediedie @ dontbotherme.com
Everyone hates spam, here's something you can do about it. Robert Basler shows you how to filter out spam using Post Road Mailer. [more]

Putting OS/2 on an IBM Aptiva E Series 245
Hell hath no fury like trying to put OS/2 on a machine with Windows on it. Richard Klemmer stared into the abyss and returned to tell the tale. [more]

FixPak 13
Jinx or Godsend? Steven Harris has all the latest information on IBM's latest FixPak for OS/2 Warp 4. [more]

OS/2 and Home Networking, Part 1
Ben Dragon explores the trick to getting OS/2 and Windows to talk to each other on a home network. Part 1 of a series. [more]

Into Java, Part 5
Simon Gronlund returns with the fifth installment of his Java tutorial. [more]

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