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16 June 2001
R. Bret Walker Photo R. Bret Walker is a Certified NetWare Engineer who resides with his wife and two children in the South Jersey/ Philadelphia Metro area. He first became exposed to OS/2 in 1995, when Sony in northern New Jersey was looking for "an expert in NetWare who knows anything at all about OS/2." Although he ultimately turned down the job, he has since become an OS/2 junkie. A huge fan of the cinematic arts, in his spare time he writes reviews for and maintains The People's Reviews.

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Industry News

Indelible Blue closes its doors
On May 31, 2001, Indelible Blue, the premier software house for everything Warp-related, closed its doors for good. The company is being restructured as a Web development consulting firm called Prism Data Works. Prism Data Works is still offering eComStation to the Indelible Blue customers who preordered, as well as the WarpUp! CD product.

eCS Users and RSJ CD Writer
One of the special features of eComStation is the ability of the product to run from CD, i.e. boot up and run the user's eCS desktop entirely from CD. eCS provides users with the ability to create a CD to take to the PC store and test drive the PCs in stock, while running their own eCS desktop. To facilitate this capability, Serenity Systems has reached an agreement with RSJ Software to include a 30 day trial period of the RSJ CD Writer for OS/2 with the eCS GA product. This special edition of the RSJ product includes an "eCS Demo CD Creator." Even after the 30 day RSJ CD Writer trial expires, and other functions are disabled, eCS users will still be able to burn their Personal eCS CDs. For more information, check out the RSJ Software website.

Warpstock 2000 videos
The Hungarian Team OS/2 has posted videos from the 2000 Warpstock Europe on their website.

Byte Magazine features OS/2 article
Byte Magazine published an article on the state of OS/2 and eComStation in its June edition. You can read the article by Bill Nicholls online.

eComStation released to vendors
The eComStation release candidate has been released to the distributors for manufacturing and distribution. Watch for information from your distributors about the fulfillment of your orders.

New project releases: OS/2 Netlabs News
Released this month are: XWorkplace 0.9.12, WarpIN 0.9.12, SNES9x for OS/2 release 9, and MGLServer and DualMode library Release 3. More information available at OS/2 Netlabs.

Team OS/2 teams up with Amazon.com
Team OS/2 online has teamed up with Amazon.com to offer an extensive list of OS/2-related books online at discounts of up to 30% each. Visit the Team OS/2 Online OS/2 Books section.

OS/2.cz is back online
OS/2.cz has returned after some brief but troubling server problems.

Warpstock 2001

Saturday Night Social Event continues
The Warpstock 2001 Event Team is pleased to announce that the tradition of a Saturday Night Social Event will continue at Warpstock 2001. This event is your opportunity to put the work of the day behind you and enjoy a fabulous dinner buffet with a desert buffet table.

New files on Hobbes

The list of files is a little longer this month because of the new deadline imposed for the news reports. Next month should be back to normal. Regardless, there is a lot of good stuff to be had here, so even if you don't look at the new Hobbes files, take a look this month.

If the links don't work, go to the Hobbes OS/2 site and do a search on the files you're looking for.

May 7
Manipulate window title from a rexx program. rxwtitle_10.zip
A lint program for DNS files. nslint.zip
NSPING v0.8 for OS/2. A DNS ping program. nsping.zip
Javasript IDE. ide.zip

May 9
Manipulate window switchlist title from a rexx program. rxwtitle_11.zip
Psion OS/2 utilities (v1.0) documentation. psiftpdoc.zip
Psion OS/2 NetDrive plugin (v1.0b) documentation. psiplugdoc.zip
WebMail/2 allows users to read emails via web. webmail50.zip
Virtual Floppy Disk Driver. vfdisk20.zip

May 10
Nice, the well-known Enhancer for our system. nice-os2-v45.zip
The source code of Nice OS/2 Enhancer. nice-os2-v45-src.zip

May 11
WarpMedia is a media player for OS/2. (DivX, MPEG-1, MP3) wmed_tp1.zip
DivX (-; DLL for WarpMedia. Version 3c. divxc32-3c.zip

May 12
A PM utility for stripping HTML codes. pms_124.zip

May 13
Update OS/2 installation CD-ROM with fixpaks. updcd16.zip
Fixes the dreaded TRAP 000e:c322 errors on TCP 4.3. tcp43fix.exe

May 14
OS/2 PM calculator with many common and some uncommon features. decalc3.zip

May 15
Ribble 1.0 with Source Code. Its an strategy game, It maybe can be compared to Sokoban. ribble1_0.zip

May 16
Share FAT-Superfloppies with more than 512bps with other OSes. mo640.zip

May 18
Multi users/desktops for OS/2. md-0-2-0.wpi

May 19
SDF to H dumping tool. sdfdump.zip

May 21
Add the systems uptime to your signature files. updsig21.zip
Freeware OS/2 LX executables packer v1.3.1. lxlt131.zip
Freeware OS/2 LX executables packer v1.3.1. (sources) lxlt131s.zip
WPS Enhancer for window Open/Close animation. animator.zip
CheckLink ver 1.13b:Create and traverse, Web-Trees. cheklink_v113b.zip

May 22
View DLL dependencies of OS/2 executables. pmdll27.zip
cdrdao2 1.1.5 build 2 - enhanced os/2 port of cdrdao 1.1.5. cdrdao2-1.1.5b2.zip
78 icons (32x32) converted from those used in Linux KDE environment. linico01.zip
122 icons (32x32) converted from those used in X11 environment. linico02.zip

May 23
Logviewer/2 v1.01b (viewing,analyzing,managing logfiles.) logv101b.exe
Fix for Data Acess Builders for VisualAge C++ v 3.0. dax11.zip
DB2 v 2.1 WIndows 3.1 client for WinOS/2. win31cae.zip

May 24
Leech, direct mp3 encoding from an audio CD with CDDB access. leechmp3_340.zip
Port of Astrolog to OS/2 Warp Version 0.99. astrolog.zip
Soft backgrounds for folders. folderbg.zip

May 25
ScanSort 1.81 Scan collection checker. scansort181os2.zip
DosMapPhysMem() dynalink library, public release 1.0.0. maphymem_r100.zip
DosQueryPerformance() dynalink library, public release 1.0.0. perfdll_r100.zip
DosEstimateFreqCPU() dynalink library, public release 1.1.0. freqcpu_r110.zip
JdeBP's 32-bit Unicode Console API with developers' toolkit. conapi.zip
JdeBP's 32-bit Unicode Console API Runtime DLLs for OS/2. conrt.zip
Fix for named.exe DNS server. bind823fix.zip

May 27
DYNDNS.ORG OS/2 Native Client. dnsalias-net.zip
Config.sys Data Base Manager. configedit18.zip

May 28
Wise setup.exe unpacker. e_wise.zip

May 29
Using long filenames under Win-OS/2 V 1.7. lfnc17a.zip
Psion to OS/2 data file convert utility (v0.8.1.) psiconv.zip
Psion OS/2 utilities (v1.1b.) psiftp.zip

May 30
GUI File Manager and Command Processor. lcmd151o.zip

June 1
Free generic preprocessor. (html/rexx/ipf/inf/ipfc) ppwizard.zip

June 2
UPS Monitor for OS/2 v1.2b for APC Smart-UPS and Back-UPS Pro. upsmon2.zip

June 4
Warp CD-Copy 2.0 Release Candidate #1. wcdcopy_cr1.zip
Updated Database for Configtool. cfgtooldat1.zip
Create a single bootable OS/2 installation CD-ROM. cdboot2v140.zip
ARJ v 2.75 for OS/2. arj2_275.exe
ARJ v 2.75 for OS/2 (Russian NLV.) arj2r275.exe
ARJ32 v 3.08 for OS/2. arj2_308.exe

June 5
CVS v 1.11 for OS/2 (full-pack.) cvs111.zip

June 6
Various ODBC drivers in a 30 day evaluation package. odbcdemo.zip
Icon Plus 1.0.0. Icon conversion utility. icplus-1-0-0.zip
Puzzle, crosswords (Canadian-French.) mcr_86c.zip
GNU wget 1.7 for OS/2. wget17-os2-bin.zip
OS/2 API Trace Version 2.45.27. os2trace.zip

June 7
Task killer for xCenter (KILLFEATUREENABLED clone.) wxtaska1.zip
Linux driver for reading and writing HPFS partitions. hpfs_204.zip
Fortran 77 syntax checker ftnchek v3.1.0. (binary and docs) fchk310b.zip
Fortran 77 syntax checker ftnchek v3.1.0. (source only) fchk310s.zip
GNU wget 1.7 for OS/2 with SSL. wget17-os2-ssl-bin.zip
Internet notifier for OS/2. nlko300.zip

June 8
BIND v8.2.4 ported to OS/2. bind824.zip
jikes 1.14 compiler for OS/2. jikes.114.os2.cyr.bin.zip

June 9
IRQ Monitor for OS/2 Presentation Manager. irqmon11.zip
dirmap - directory overviews as HTML file. dirmap12.zip

June 10
SLRN - nice text mode newsreader with scoring. slrn0971.zip
Warp CD-Copy 2.0 Release Candidate #2.01. wcdcopy_cr201.zip

June 11
Auto WGet Daemon Version 1.6.7. awget-1-6-7.zip
Intel P6 / AMD K7 MTRRs management IOCtl PDD, ver.0.06a. p6k7mtrr_v006a.zip
Intel(R) PRO PCI Adapter. EtherPRO NIC driver for OS/2. inteletherpro.zip

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