Advertising in OS/2 eZine

One of the goals of the OS/2 eZine is to increase the awareness of the OS/2 community as a whole to the wide variety of excellent products available for use with their favourite operating system.  To this end, we are now offering advertising placements to all software and hardware vendors who produce products for use with OS/2.  In consideration for these placements, advertisers will provide complementary products directly to our authors at the eZine's direction.

General Terms

We only have a limited number of spots each month, so banner ads are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

We will attempt to accommodate any positioning requests, but we reserve the right to place ads as we choose.

Banner ads will be for a one month term.

Shareware and Commercial Software Advertisements

Advertisements for software products may be reserved for one complementary fully registered and licensed copy of the product advertised.

Hardware Advertisements

Advertisements for hardware products may be reserved for one complementary unit of the product advertised.  In the case of high-value items, please contact the eZine staff to examine other options.

Freeware Advertisements

Freeware developers may promote their products at no charge in the OS/2 eZine when there are available spots on the publication date.

Mechanical Requirements

Banner ads can be up to 425 pixels wide by 80 high, must be less than 15K in size, and may be in PNG or JPEG format.   Animation is allowed. GIF format will only be accepted for animated images and must be produced by a program with a license for GIF compression from the patent owner. Don't forget to include the text message you wish to use for the Alt= tag that will be seen by people who have their browser set to not load images (no more than 80 characters please.)

Designated Recipient

On the 6th day of the month of the issue the advertisement is to appear in, the eZine will provide advertisers with shipping and contact information for the author who is to receive the complementary product.


Banner ads must be submitted by the 6th day of the month for the issue they are to appear in.

Complementary products must be received by their designated recipient by one day before the deadline of the issue where the advertisement is to appear.  Late shipments may result in postponement of the advertisement.

Shipping and Other Costs

The advertiser is responsible for the cost of getting the product to the author we indicate.  Recipients are responsible for duty, or any other taxes on the complementary items that may be applicable in their country.


The OS/2 eZine reserves the right to refuse any advertising that contains any offensive material, slanderous statements or issues that may cause the eZine legal difficulties, or that the editors feel is not in the best interest of the OS/2 eZine or the OS/2 community, or that the editors otherwise deem unfit to print.


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