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Vol. 1 No. 13
November 1996

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OS/2 Warp In Depth!

On September 25th, IBM released what the world has been waiting for -- OS/2 Warp 4. Now that the waters have settled somewhat, we give you inside looks into some of Warp 4's more advanced functionality.

VoiceType | OpenDoc | Java


Hyperwise v2.0 - Jon Kaminsky

IPF Editor v2.12 - Steven Turk

JFactory for OS/2 - Dirk Hamstra


$Sheriff v0.12b - Sidney Maplehurst


Lotus Support for OS/2 - Martin Brampton
Lotus is finally readying the first pieces of SmartSuite for OS/2.

Report from ColoradOS/2 - Martin Brampton
A first hand report from the developers' conference.

Connect the World: Report - Tim Bryce
A report on the first customer-organized world-wide marketing project.

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