Back with a vengeance ...

Hello again. A lot of things have been happening since our last issue. First, as you have probably already noticed by looking at the table of contents, we have met our goal of doubling e-Zine!'s content for the second issue. It wasn't easy; in fact that's why this editorial is being written on the 30th and right now, at 11:30 am, we still haven't posted. Last minute details always take more than a minute. But I guess if you're reading this, it made its way onto the 'net, so no harm done.

Second, of course, was the big scare (or was it so big?) over COMDEX. A lot of people, including myself, were more than a little nervous about what would be said - or not said - about OS/2 by Lou Gerstner and his associates. Honestly, I don't know if the speeches given aggravated or assuaged my fears. I guess in retrospect, it was a bit of a non-event, as the long predicted demise of OS/2 has always been. It seems that Big Blue still has plenty of development up their sleeves for our favourite underdog OS.

By the way, thanks to everyone who wrote expressing their compliments and support after the first issue. I hope you find even more of what you like in this issue and maybe you'll even find the content somewhat improved. We have great plans for e-Zine!, and sometimes readers reminding us how far we've already come helps keep us motivated.

In case anyone is wondering, response to the first issue was overwhelmingly positive. While some took exception to a few of our reviews, even these people remembered to compliment e-Zine! overall. We are now deep into the process of increasing awareness on the 'net and off. Someday, when our little publication isn't so little anymore, we will be able to reminisce fondly of the days when we (all of us, including all the contributors and readers) put the first issue together on nothing more than a credit card, passion and a lot of Coca Cola.

To help get us to the point of not being so little anymore, we've tried a few new things with this issue and we hope you like them. New this time are a book review (OS/2 Warp for Dummies - what else?) and an interview with the one and only Brad Wardell of Stardock Systems. Both these features are scheduled to be permanent. We've also added more opinion pieces, reviews, and modified the layout slightly for better organization. As always, don't be afraid to let us know how you like the new sections or suggest ways to improve on what we are already doing.

And finally, don't forget, even though we have had great response from people wanting to help out, we are still looking for contributors. The pay's not great :-) but the experience more than makes up for it.

Now quit hangin' around here and go read the good stuff.

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