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 * Feature Review: Word Processors
A lot has changed in the OS/2 word processor market over the last 12 months. We take a look at the market's current offerings to help you evaluate your options.

 * FTP Clients:
FTP client software has come a long way since the days of OS/2 2.0. Reviewed this month are a slew of Presentation Manager based clients.

 * Games:
A look at two commercial game bundles from IBM (Family FunPak for OS/2 Warp) and MicroLearn Nordic (MicroLearn Game Pack Vol. II) and some real time killers--UChess, Dungeon Chess and Roids.

 * Books: OS/2 Warp Unleashed - Dan Deckert
A thorough look at a thorough book. From cover to cover, a discussion of what you'll get--and not get--from SAMS Publishing's definitive reference.


 * Dan Porter
A casual conversation with Innoval Systems Solutions President, Dan Porter, on e-mail, the Internet, competition and, of course, the future of OS/2.


 * What Do You Mean, Difficult? - Christopher B. Wright
A rebuttal to all those who insist on disparaging Warp's installation routine.

 * OS/2 + ISDN = Internet@Warp.Speed - Tash Hepting
One user's journey toward rocket speed Internet access and tips on taking the ISDN plunge.

 * The CompuServe Problem - Steven Atchue
Some disturbing developments are happening over at CompuServe. Our man on the scene fills us in on OS/2 neglect by the world's largest commercial on-line service.

 * One WARPed User and a New Aptiva - Alan Levy
What would you do if you decided to take the plunge and buy the biggest, baddest OS/2 machine on the planet--and then couldn't find someone to sell it to you?

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