vol. 2, no. 10
October 16, 1997

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[Cable Modem Graphic]Cable Modem Access for OS/2

Many of you have dreamed of it for months, if not years. Industry mags have at times heralded it as the saviour of the Internet and at other times condemned it as just another well-hyped bandwagon: Internet access through your cable TV hookup.

This month, we take an in-depth look at setting up a cable modem for Internet access with OS/2 Warp: what is required, what to expect and much more...

- Other Reviews -

InJoy v1.1 - Chris Wenham

First Looks and Nifty Gadgets:
tSearch v1.00bBandit Tagger v1.20
Background Magic v1.1PowerMOD v0.33
ICQ Java v0.91

- Reader Surveys -

Results from our September Survey
Find out what your fellow readers told us last month!

What do you think of web browsers?
Answer these 3 simple questions and find out how you compare to other OS/2 users. Results will be printed next month!

Are you a hard core OS/2er?
You've taken the Cosmo survey, now take the Operating System survey! Do you love OS/2 too much? Do you have problems committing to other OS's? Answer these quesitions and find out if you're a real OS/2er.

- Celebrity Corner -

Soundoff With Netscape!
Each month, OS/2 e-Zine! brings you IBMers, ISVs, OS/2 industry personalities, and celebrities to share their opinions and more! This month, we bring you a complete log of the recent "Soundoff With Netscape" event where two members of the Netscape Communicator for OS/2 team were interviewed.

- The OS/2 Debate -

What should IBM do with OS/2? - Chris Wenham & Colin Hildinger
Join OS/2 e-Zine! staff as they debate some of the most controversial topics affecting OS/2 users today. Pick a side and join in!


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Top Software: ...
Indelible Blue
J3 Computer
BMT Micro


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