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BMT Micro
Your complete source for over 175 of the best OS/2 shareware applications available. Drop by today and check out our WWW catalog or download the .INF version.

CrossTec Corporation
NetOp Remote Control Software for OS/2 with cross platform support to Windows (either direction). Free evaluation copies available.

ChipChat Technology Group
ChipChat produces excellent 32-bit OS/2 software for wireless text paging and state-of-the-art multimedia Sound Cards for Micro Channel PS/2 computers.

EmTec Innovative Software
EmTec Innovative Software produces state-of-the-art OS/2 ISDN, modem and telnet communications software. OS/2 Magazine and Inside OS/2 1995 award winner.

F/X Communications
Home of the top selling InJoy dialer, ranked #1 in worldwide OS/2 shareware sales (Jan-97).

House of Technology, Inc.
Your Canadian Source For OS/2 Applications.

Indelible Blue
Indelible Blue, a mail order company, provides OS/2 software and hardware solutions to customers worldwide.

J3 Computer Technologies
Serving the Global OS/2 Community, large and small!

Keller Group Inc.
Developers of FaxWorks for OS/2 and PMfax, the fax and voice solution for OS/2, with versions for stand-alone, LAN and Internet Faxing.

MR/2 ICE Internet Email Client
Delivering the electronic mail features of the future, today. A product of Knightware Software Company.

Mt. Baker Software
Developers of Money Tree, a full featured personal financial package for OS/2.

Oberon Software, Inc.
Home of TE/2, TE/2 Pro and other fine OS/2 programs. Specializing in telecommunications and the Internet.

Perez Computing Services
Defend against desktop freezes with Ctrl-Alt-Del Commander and create online documents/help with the IPF Editor.

ScheduPerformance, Inc.
Dramatically improve performance on your OS/2 system now with the patented priority scanning logic and visual priority identification of Priority Master II.

Shenandoah Equipment Co.
Providers of lifetime warrantied name brand simms, laptop and printer memory at competitive prices.

SofTouch Systems, Inc.
Home of the bestselling set of disk and desktop maintenance products for OS/2: GammaTech Utilities, UniMaint, and FileStar/2! ---- Your System's Safe and Sound with SofTouch Around

Stardock Systems
Providing quality software for the home and office.

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