February's Top Selling Applications from Indelible Blue

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12FaxWorks Pro v3 UGKeller Group Inc.
210BackAgain/2 v4.0 Prof. Ed.Comp. Data Strat.
45BackMaster v2.0MSR Development
56System Commander v2.2V Communications
63Partition Magic v3 Personal Ed.PowerQuest
76IBM AntiVirus v2.4 Desktop Ed.IBM
8 (tie)4Process CommanderStardock Systems
8 (tie)8Hobbes CD November Ed.Walnut Creek
97ColorWorks V2 CDSPG
10 (tie)8QuickMotion v1.1Practice Corporation
10 (tie)11UniMaintSofTouch Systems
11 (tie)--TalkThruSoftware Corp. of America
11 (tie)--GammaTech UtilitiesSofTouch Systems
1314Performance PlusClear & Simple
1412Taxdollars '96BT&T Technology
15--Seagate BackupSeagate
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