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vol. 2, no. 4
April 16, 1997

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From the Editor
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Warp Advocacy
Our Investment


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OD Tips
Web Site Design
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How Do I?

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Nethead's Nook
Harry Martin
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Top Software:
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-First LOOKS-

[NeoN 2D graphic] NeoN 2D Vector
This month, Chris Wright takes a look at Compo Software's soon to be released NeoN 2D Vector, a full-featured, vector drawing application.


Hewlett Packard ScanJet 5P - Bob Smith

Performance Plus V4 - Barry Brindisi
FTP Browser v1.6 - Pankaj Sarin
Orange Hill Workplace Solutions - Ron P. Lamb
NetRexx - Tejaswi Kasturi
MD+F Special Effects: Renders - Chris Wenham

Vigilance on Talos V - Dr. Dirk Terrell

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Results from our March Survey
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Pirate's Paradise - Allan Mertner
The author of the SecureIt Shareware Protection package looks into the issues involved in making shareware safe.

Wrestling with Hardware - Eric Slaats
Eric tells of his wish for a new system and the resulting problems. If you're thinking about upgrading your OS/2 system, read this!

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