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May 2/98 Reader Survey

Have you ever wondered what your fellow OS/2 users are doing with their computers and how they're doing it?

Each month, OS/2 e-Zine! takes the pulse of the OS/2 community on a different topic and presents you with the results.

Just fill in the form on this page and check back next month to find out how "normal" you really are!

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Do you have an idea that you think would make a good survey question?

Don't forget to check out the complete results of last month's survey, in this issue!

This month's topic: Your Platforms of Choice
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What operating systems do you use?
Amiga Macintosh Windows 95
BeOS OS/2 (Warp 3 or earlier) Windows NT
DOS OS/2 Warp 4 Unix (other than Linux)
Linux Windows 3.x Other

What operating system do you currently use most?

What operating system would you use most if you stopped using OS/2?

Would you continue to use OS/2 even if IBM "officially" ceased updating it?

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1. Only one entry per reader will be counted.
2. All questions must be answered to be counted.
3. Information must be received on or before May 14, 1998.

Complete results of this survey will be printed in our next issue (May 16, 1998).


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