vol. 3, no. 6
May 16, 1998

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InterFTP v1.14 - Christopher B. Wright
NcFTP v2.3.0 - Trevor Smith
EmTec FTP v5.0.1 - Dr. Dirk Terrell

Spaniel News Server v1.003c - Jon Winters

First Looks and Nifty Gadgets
tWave 1.23pm123 beta 2

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Results from our May 2nd Survey
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Your Hardware and Software
Answer these simple questions and find out how you compare to other OS/2 users. Results will be published next month!

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Building Dynamic Web Sites In OS/2 - Chris Wenham
Learn how to create a web site that is flexible, easily updated and not a nightmare to maintain.


Chris' Rant
The Flaw


Answers from e-Zine!
The OS/2 Project
The Rexx Files
How Do I?

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