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Are you at Warpstock 98, or just came back from it?

We'd like to know what you thought of the second annual grassroots OS/2 conference, just fill out the questions in this short survey and see the results in the next issue of OS/2 e-Zine!

Note: This is not to be confused with any official Warpstock exit survey that may be conducted by the Warpstock Steering Committee themselves. This survey is not formally connected with the Warpstock event, but is intended for general interest and voluntary participation.

Be sure to check in on our live coverage of WarpStock, with daily dispatches from our reporters at the event itself!

This issue's topic: How did you like Warpstock?
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Was the trip to Chicago worthwhile?

Did you learn anything new while there?

What do you now think of OS/2 and its future?

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1. Only one entry per reader will be counted.
2. All questions must be answered to be counted.
3. Information must be received on or before October 31st, 1998.

Complete results of this survey will be printed in our next issue (November 1st, 1998).

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October 16, 1998