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Matrox G200 AGP
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Summary: Possibly the best video card for OS/2. It's inexpensive and has some of the best support and dedication to OS/2 around.

The G100 is a 128-bit DualBus card that employs two independent 64-bit buses that operate in parallel inside the graphics engine to effectively double the raw performance of almost every operation. Additionally, the 128-bit DualBus architecture uses Dual Command Pipelining which permits read and write phases of two consecutive commands to be overlapped and executed simultaneously. It came with 8 megs of SDRAM (upgradable to 16 megs).

This is the new card I just purchased after a month of tough research. One of the main reasons was the tech support I received from Matrox. They were more then happy to help me over the phone and the guy that helped me even knew about OS/2! We talked about the best card for 2D, after 10 minutes of debating we decided that the G200 was the best choice. I don't use the 3D because OS/2 doesn't use it and when I'm playing games in Win98 I use Duel Monster II cards. Although, I have read the 3D scores were healthy, so if your looking for a good 2D/3D card, this one is good. However, I was looking for the best 2D card out there and all the tests I ran showed the G200 heads above the rest. Oh ya, did I tell you it only cost me 95 dollars for the OEM version?

Also I e-mailed the Matrox tech support on OS/2 drivers and asked the same question I asked the rest of the companies I dealt with in this review. I got back single line saying they were committed to OS/2 for the long haul. This from everything else made me feel the best about Matrox. Not only is the G200 one of the best 2D cards, it has 3D also and ongoing tech support. I've read in OS/2 news groups that Matrox video cards were flaky with some OS/2 games, I don't know if it's because I'm using the G200 and the newest drivers but I've never had a problem. Installation was also a snap. With only a few small steps I was done with both the hardware and the drivers. This is the card I use right now and I'm very happy with it.

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Millenium G200 AGP

by Matrox
MSRP: $149
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December 1, 1998