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Diamond Stealth 2500
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Summary: A popular maker of multimedia cards, but currently with lousy support and no future plans for OS/2.

My very first video card in my very first PC was a Diamond. I had no idea what video card was the best or if I really knew what a video card was. My brother was much more knowledgeable at it then I was at the time so I took his word on the matter. I found that it was a very fast card but the drivers were flaky in some of the DOS games I played. I stayed with Diamond for my first 3 years, then the first video card I had with OS/2 was the Stealth SE (2 meg). I do have to say that I didn't have too much of a problem, except with a Full screen windows session.

The Diamond Stealth 2500 offers 64-bit graphics technology for optimum system performance. Full screen, smooth video playback of Indeo, Cinepak and MPEG. Support for 24-bit "True Color" in OS/2 for photo-realistic images. Plus a Flicker-Free Refresh of up to 120Hz.

This card is for entry level computers. I was able to find it on the net for around 50 dollars. The drivers are at v1.07 for the Stealth Video 2500 OS/2 driver. This driver also supports OS/2 WARP 4 (updated on November of '96). The install has 12 steps and is not as bad as the ATI Card. I did not have any real problems with the card and its chipset had quite a lot of pep. But as I went on Diamond's site I found most of their newer cards coming out had no drivers for OS/2. This was quite disheartening because their newer cards are very fast (Their fusion card is awesome). I E-mailed Diamond and asked them about OS/2 and never got a response from them, not surprising because their phone support stunk also.

Diamond WAS a very good choice for OS/2 two years ago but as time has gone by they have dropped a lot of support, more than just OS/2 support too. Once again I called them and was always on hold or put to a voice mail. I left messages and never got a reply back. Personally, I would take your money elsewhere.

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Stealth 2500 Series

by Diamond Multimedia
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December 1, 1998