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Chris Wenham is the Editor-In-Chief of OS/2 e-Zine! -- a promotion from Senior Editor which means he now takes all the blame.

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Summary: A moment of recognition for those individuals we feel have dedicated a virtual lifetime of service to OS/2 and its community.

OS/2's 11 year life hasn't been enough to fill any but the youngest lifetimes, but halfway through its history everybody jumped to what we call Internet Time - which goes fast enough to make dog years look long. This year, the OS/2 e-Zine! staff decided to highlight a handful of individuals which we think deserve some recognition for the virtual lifetime of effort they've put into OS/2 and its community.

Esther Schindler

Maybe the Evil Ziff Davis Empire isn't as bad as we think, after all, they hired one of the few active journalists who has deep roots and love for OS/2. Esther Schindler has been there to represent Warp in the mainstream trade press with fair, evenhanded reviews and reporting, both when she worked as a freelance journalist and moved up to a full-time employment with ZD.

Esther serves on the board of POSSI (Phoenix OS/2 Society, Inc.), the largest OS/2 user group in the world, and with her husband Bill Schindler (a Rexx guru you might have heard of) edits the last remaining English print magazine dedicated to OS/2 - extended attributes.

Esther is currently the Technology Editor at Sm@rt Reseller magazine. She and her husband's web site can be found at http://www.bitranch.com/

Judy McDermott

Here's an unsung hero if there ever was one. She might have solved your technical problem on IRC, you might have met her at Warpstock, you might have visited her web page, and you might have seen her moderating hand in some of the VOICE Speak-up interviews. But Judy is like a beating heart in the chest of the OS/2 advocacy and grassroots support. One of the movers behind Warpstock, one of the forces behind V.O.I.C.E., one of the kind of person we need more of.

Judy's homepage, "Judy's Warped World", can be found at http://www.gt-online.com/~bri/

Timothy Sipples

There's barely a day that goes past that we don't get something sent to us here at OS/2 e-Zine! or WarpCast from Tim Sipples. He's like a spigot that pours information and news out from within IBM, distributing it everywhere and helping us all stay appraised of what's going on inside the belly of the Big Company. For this and his other advocacy work, we are eternally grateful.

Timothy can be currently seen writing the "Ask Timmy" OS/2 networking column in 32 Bits Online.

Brad Wardell

He's loved. He's hated. He's admired. He's despised. But don't ever say he's giving up on OS/2, because the numbers, and the dollars, won't agree with you. Brad Wardell started Stardock Systems, the largest publisher of consumer titles for OS/2 today, not counting IBM itself. More new OS/2 entertainment titles have shipped with the Stardock logo on them than anybody else's.

Brad started out by writing the classic OS/2 game: Galactic Civilizations, getting his first taste of fame - and money - that was followed up soon afterwards by Object Desktop. Stardock is now the subject of a few interesting rumors that also involve IBM and a new version of Warp Client. Brad was mum about these rumors when we contacted him about it. so we'll have to wait and see.

But never mind the rumors, Brad's done much for OS/2 in both the economic and morale sense, enough to earn our award for a lifetime's achievement.

Trevor Smith

Veni. Vidi. e-Zine!

He came. He saw. He started a web site.

Trevor Smith is the man responsible for the pages you're reading right now, as over three years ago now he saw a need for a publication that covered OS/2 news and issues of interest to the home and small business user. Late last year he decided the time was right to retire from the business and move on to something else, which seems to consist of employing every opportunity to kick off his shoes and take it easy.

Trevor still uses OS/2 every day and is moderately active in the community as maintainer of the BMT Micro web site. The Southern California OS/2 Users Group also published an interview with him recently, where he discusses a little more about the e-Zine! story and his dog - Varley. He can be reached by sending email to trevor@haligonian.com.

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