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1998 Readers Choice Awards: Development - by OS/2 e-Zine! staff
OS/2 e-Zine!

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The OS/2 e-Zine! Staff are made up of professionals involved in and around OS/2. Many have a long background as supporters of the platform, as programmers, consultants, and sometimes just users.

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Winner: Visual Age for Java

Ah, it's time to do the switcheroo again. Trading places in the awards with Visual Age C++ is Visual Age's Java programming environment. Hot language, hot development tool. Now in version 2.0 developers can make extensive use of Javabeans and all the new enhancements that have been introduced by Sun. Raid Application Development has never been the same.

1997 Winner: VisualAge for C++

1996 Winner: VisualAge for C++


Runner-Up: Visual Age for C++

IBM has a habit of producing some of the best developers' tools around, especially with its VisualAge line which now spans over a dozen different languages. Winner of last two Readers' Choice awards, this robust visual development environment is the successor to the popular CSet++ and contains a C/C++ compiler, linker, debugger, performance analyzer, visual builder, database access tools and IPF compiler. VAC++ also features extensive class libraries and Direct-to-SOM support.

1997 Runner-Up: Visual Age for Java

1996 Runner-Up: Watcom C/C++

Text Editors


Winner: MED (Mr. Ed)
By Matthias Pfersdorff

Formerly known as Mr. Ed, MED is a great programmers editor that supports syntax highlighting for a staggering number of programming languages, including C, C++, Java, Rexx, HTML and even OS/2's CONFIG.SYS, believe it or not! Not only that, but MED also comes with a number of other handy widgets that make programming life easier, such as a Window Monitor for keeping track of lots of open files, macro recorder, multiple compiler support and immense configurability.

1997 Winner: OS/2's Enhanced Editor (EPM)

1996 Winner: OS/2's Enhanced Editor (EPM)


Runner-Up: Enhanced Editor (EPM)

EPM is a do-all workhorse used for everything from simple text editing to program code editing to HTML editing. Its programmability allows users to extend its basic functions with new, custom menus and features. This incredible versatility and low price tag (free) keep its popularity high despite competition from third party products.

1997 Runner-Up: MED

1996 Runner-Up: The SemWare Editor

HTML Editors


Winner: Homepage Publisher

HomePage Publisher was the first standalone "WYSIWYG" web page editor for OS/2, allowing users to create or modify HTML pages without knowledge of HTML tags or syntax. With HPP, users can make changes by simply clicking toolbars, etc. In short, HPP is a Web browser that offers all the possibilities of a word processor. Now winner for two years in a row, Homepage Publisher continues to be updated with new versions.

1997 Winner: HomePage Publisher

1996 Winner: Panacea's HTML Studio


Runner-Up: Tie between HTML Studio and StarWriter
By Panacea Software / Star Division

Runner-Up was a hard call in the HTML category, since not only did two different programs tie with the same number of votes, but our tie-breaker method didn't work either, since none of the late ballots voted for either. So it was either flip a coin, or give them both a moment in the spotlight. We chose the latter.

HTML Studio by Panacea Software allows you to rapidly create and edit web pages without having to know HTML, just like HomePage Publisher (but it isn't "WYSIWYG"). The program features drag 'n drop support, a preview window (a fully functional HTML 3.0 web browser using WebExplorer libraries), printing, font and color support. Despite its lack of WYSIWYG features, HTML Studio is still a solid contender with our readers.

StarWriter on the other hand is a part of Star Division's StarOffice suite. Primarily a word processor, StarWriter also has excellent HTML authoring capabilities that made it pull so many votes for this category.

1997 Runner-Up: HTML Studio

1996 Runner-Up: HomePage Publisher

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