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Survey Results: Would Stardock be effective at marketing OS/2?
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Summary: Last month we interviewed Brad Wardell about his plans to produce and market a Stardock branded version of the OS/2 client, we then asked you to give us your thoughts about the plan. Here's the results.

For last month's survey we received 591 valid votes. A vote was considered valid if it contained an e-mail address, answered all questions and was not a duplicate.

Would Stardock be effective at marketing a new OS/2 based client?

19.5% of the respondants had an enthusiastic "Yes, they'd rock!" response to this question while the remaining majority was more conservative, opining that they'd either do a good job or merely be adequate. Very few held a pessimistic view of no impact or collossal faliure.

Yes, they'd rock!11519.5%
They'd do a good job30251.1%
They'd be adequate11419.3%
They'd have no impact386.4%
They'd fail miserably132.2%
Oh God, please say it ain't so?81.4%

Would you purchase a Stardock branded version of OS/2?

If all of our voters kept their word, we think dollar signs would be in Stardock's future. The overwhelming majority (81.4%) were ready to buy, with the highest count comfortable to do so the instant it was available.

Yes, in a heartbeat24641.6%
Very likely23539.8%
I might, but I'm not sure8213.9%
I doubt it203.4%
No chance in hell71.2%

If not Stardock, who would be better?

And following up with that positive attitude, it was still only a slim majority who chose to express who else they thought could do better than Stardock at the same job. While not all of the companies we listed are likely to have the same desire, wishful thinking is still fun to indulge in.

Nobody else, Stardock is the one25543.1%
Lotus Development183.0%
Star Division223.7%
Sundial Systems71.2%
A non-profit, user-run organization498.3%
Shifty Eddie, the used car salesman50.8%

Other Suggestions

We left the survey open for readers to express their own ideas about who could do better, ideas outside of the limited list we already gave. The responses we got was too large to list here, but some of the more amusing suggestions were:

  • "Anyone but IBM" (5 votes)
  • "Me" (4 votes)
  • The Pope
  • Budweiser

Other, more serious suggestions ran along the lines of:

  • Netscape (3 votes)
  • Red Hat (2 votes)
  • GNU Release
  • Be, Inc.
  • AT&T
  • An association of OS/2 supporters like VOICE and POSSI
  • The OS/2 Netlabs
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March 16, 1999