OS/2 eZine

16 June 2000

Christopher B. Wright is the Editor in Chief of OS/2 eZine, a title he tried to duck for many months with little success. When he's not working on OS/2 eZine (what? he's not supposed to have any other jobs!) he works on his web comic strip, Help Desk.

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From The Editor

Two issues in a row! On time, even! Somebody call the press! Oh, wait, we are the press...

Well, it's the second issue and we're starting to settle in to everything. While I was editing and adding some pages to this issue, Fixpak 13 finally decided it was time to wreck OS/2, so I had to finish the issue up in Dreamweaver on my Windows partition. Unfortunately it's left everything in somewhat of a haphazard state... expect typos and grammatical errors aplenty for the first few days of this new issue.

You'll notice that we have quite a lot of content for your enjoyment this month... including an interview with Bob St. John about Serenity Systems' new OS/2-based client, eCommstation. My thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue, we have a lot of good stuff in it.

The site itself is still being fleshed out. OS/2 eZine is starting to get its old features back... you'll notice you can now access the older articles online. There still isn't a zipped archives area, but I do want to set up the skeleton for that this weekend so that readers will at least be able to download the June issue as a zip file.

As time goes on and we get more comfortable with what we're doing, I'll be thinking about some other sites that have fallen into neglect... especially the OS/2 Supersite. Now is a good time to let me know what you'd like to see OS/2 eZine become, and what you'd like to see happen to the Supersite.

Some people have suggested merging the Supersite with OS/2 eZine to make one big OS/2 "Portal" site. Others have specifically requested that something like that not happen, preferring to have the sites separate. What do you think? Talk about it in the discussion forum. Talk about the kinds of articles you want to see, the kinds of articles you don't want to see... you get the idea.