OS/2 eZine

16 June 2000

Christopher B. Wright
Editor in Chief

Robert Basler
Ben Dragon
Alberto A. Espel
Simon Gronlund
Steven Harris
Richard R. Klemmer
Tom Nadeau
Roberto F. Salomon

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From the Editor
Two issues in a row! Somebody call the press! Oh, wait, we are the press... [more]

Guest Editorial: Roberto F. Salomon
"Back to Diversity" Roberto F. Salomon compares computer software with biology and reaches the conclusion that diversity equals strength. [more]

Analysis: Tom Nadeau
"What the Microsoft Antitrust Verdict Means" Tom Nadeau explains what, exactly, the Microsoft "guilty" verdict and ordered split means to the OS/2 community. [more]


ORB for OS/2
Now that Syquest is gone, Iomega is the only complany left in the removable storage market, right? Wrong! Alberto A. Espel takes a look at the ORB, a removable hard drive, and how it works with OS/2. [more]

SNES9x for OS/2
Shyguy takes a brief look at the Super Nintendo emulator for OS/2 port. [more]


eCommstation: an interview with Bob St. John
Richard Klemmer went to Warptech and grilled Bob St. John about Serenity Systems' latest product... [more]

Richard Klemmer talks about his experiences at the very first WarpTech. [more]

Virtual Network Computing with OS/2
Windows on OS/2? Linux on OS/2? Robert Basler shows us how it works. [more]

OS/2 and Home Networking, Part 2
Ben Dragon continues his series on getting OS/2 and Windows to talk to each other on a home network. Part 2 of a series. [more]

OS/2 Newsbeat
Steve Harris takes a look at some of the more interesting threads on Usenet. [more]

Into Java, Part 6
Simon Gronlund returns with the sixth installment of his Java tutorial. [more]

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