OS/2 eZine

16 September 2000

Christopher B. Wright
Editor in Chief

Robert Basler
Fernando Cassia
Simon Gronlund

Pete Grubbs
Richard R. Klemmer
Ray Tennenbaum

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From the Editor
I didn't get a chance to go to Warpstock this year. It's been that kind of month. [more]

Wright's View
Scitech has the right idea -- how about a universal mouse driver? [more]

Guest Editorial: Fernando Cassia
"It's all about web-enabling, baby!" Fernando Cassia talks about what he thinks is the next big thing. [more]

Warpstock 2000

Interviews from Warpstock 2000
Pete Grubbs cornered a few people at Warpstock, and wouldn't let them leave until they answered his questions. Part One of a series. [more]

Pictures from Warpstock 2000
Richard Klemmer went to Warpstock 2000 -- and he brought a camera. [more]


ICQ for OS/2
ICQ everywhere! Can OS/2 users play, too? Christopher B. Wright takes a look at the many options OS/2 users have in the way of ICQ and ICQ clones. [more]

ShyGuy takes a look at FURI. What is FURI? Think of Gnutella, on Steroids, as a Java program. [more]

Simplicity Professional [REPOST]
Christopher B. Wright looks at Data Representations Java development environment -- from the perspective of someone who can't program Java worth a lick. Reposted from last month's issue. [more]

Lotus Smartsuite version 1.5 for OS/2 [REPOST]
Christopher B. Wright takes a look at the latest release of Lotus Smartsuite for OS/2. Has it managed to over come most of the problems that made Chris dislike it at release 1.0? Reposted from last months issue. [more]


Printing on an OS/2 Printer with an Apple iBook
Robert Basler talks about getting an Mac to use an OS/2 printer: what the hoops are, where to put them, and when to jump through. [more]

Using your Palm Pilot with OS/2, Part 1
In the first of a new series, Ray Tennenbaum shows us how to transfer files to and from OS/2 to a Palm Pilot. [more]

Hands on your home page, Part 1
Ever wanted to learn how to build your own web page? Simon Gronlund introduces you to the basics of HTML.  [more]

Into Java, Part 9
Simon Gronlund returns with the ninth installment of his Java tutorial. [more]

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