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16 September 2000
Richard R. Klemmer has been using OS/2 since 1995. He currently works as a programmer for the Department of Agriculture. In his spare time he works for WebTrek L.L.C., an Internet Consulting company.

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Warpstock 2000 - The Exhibitors

Richard Klemmer attended Warpstock 2000, and came back with pictures. Enjoy the sights of Warpstock.

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Warpstock 2000 Exhibit Hall
View from the POSSI Booth

Netlabs Booth
Demoing Odin.

Serenity - Indelible Blue Booth
IB's Buck Bohac sans beard
Serenity's Glenn Hudson in maroon.

BMT Micro
Always a busy booth at Warpstock

Sundial System
Dan Kulp

Gwen Veneskey & John Urbaniak

Data Representations
Carl Sayers demonstrating the
power of Simplicity.

Chuck McGinnis
Phoenix OS/2 Society

Caught in the act!
VOICE's Mark Dodel copying
pictures to his notebook.

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