OS/2 eZine

16 November 2000

Christopher B. Wright
Editor in Chief

Jon Bijnens
Simon Gronlund
R. Bret Walker

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From the Editor
There won't be too many more issues with me at the helm. Let me tell you why. Christopher B. Wright. [more]

Guest Editorial: Reflections
Simon Gronlund talks about a few things on his mind. [more]


Changing and Creating Icons in OS/2
ShyGuy gives us a rundown on creating customized icons for your WPS Objects. [more]

Netware Network Administration using OS/2 Tools
Administering a Novel Network with OS/2? R. Bret Walker shows us what tools work in an OS/2 environment.. [more]

Using Odin
We've reviewed it before, but Jon Bijnens shows us how to set it up and make everything run properly. [more]

Hands on your home page, Part 3
Simon Gronlund continues his HTML tutorial. [more]

Into Java, Part 11
Simon Gronlund gives us part 11 of his Java tutorial... [more]

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