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16 May 2001
R. Bret Walker Photo R. Bret Walker is a Certified NetWare Engineer who resides with his wife and two children in the South Jersey/ Philadelphia Metro area. He first became exposed to OS/2 in 1995, when Sony in northern New Jersey was looking for "an expert in NetWare who knows anything at all about OS/2." Although he ultimately turned down the job, he has since become an OS/2 junkie. A huge fan of the cinematic arts, in his spare time he writes reviews for and maintains The People's Reviews.

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OS/2 News

To submit news items and press releases, email R. Bret Walker. Please include a brief description of the news item (100 words or less) and links where applicable.

IBM News

Software Withdrawal: StandbyServer for IBM OS/2 Warp

Effective July 10, 2001, IBM will withdraw StandbyServer for OS/2 Warp(R) Value Pack, part number 41L0341, licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement, from marketing. On or after that date, you can no longer obtain this program directly from IBM. You can obtain this program on an as-available basis through IBM authorized remarketers.

Warpstock 2001 News

Travel discounts available for Warpstock 2001

The Warpstock Committee has made arrangements for airline and car rental discounts for Warpstock attendees. For more information check out the details at the Warpstock site.

Call for presentations

The Warpstock 2001 Event Team and the Board of Directors of Warpstock are asking for submissions of technical presentations for the upcoming Warpstock in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Submissions should be made no later than September 1st, and presenters should be prepared to make their presentation more than once, depending on the popularity of the presentation. For more details, read the press release.

Warpstock 2002 still looking for a home

Anyone interested in his or her home city hosting the 2002 Warpstock can submit their bid intent at the Warpstock site. The bid proposals are available in RTF, PDF, and WordPro format, and the bid process details can be found at the Warpstock site.

Industry News

Focus on OS/2 dropped from About.com's roster

Focus on OS/2, the periodical ezine hosted by About.com, has been closed following a strategic decision by About.com to drop 84 of their operating system ezines. Read Walter Metcalf's lament on OS2.org.

Pete Grubbs releases CD

Our own Pete Grubbs has released a music CD that he recorded and mixed in his own home. Pete says: "I've also done all of reproduction, artwork and printing here without resorting to any Microsoft products." For more, check out the story on Bigstep.com.

OS/2, BeOS and REXX solutions at International Alliance for Compatible Technology (IACT)

The IACT website has posted a brand new 24x7 technical report "Solutions for e-Mail: Some Lessons from REXX, BeOS and OS/2" focusing on compatibility, security and choice.

It takes a close look at how the system capabilities and design philosophies of OS/2 and BeOS can help netizens to send, receive and manage e-mail with built-in options not even available yet in other environments. As an example of such integrated solutions, the report introduces the new e-mail handler called RexxMail, released as OS/2 freeware under the GNU Public License and developed with the REXX multiplatform programming language.

Bookmark IACT's 24x7 Reports Page and check out the intriguing possibilities of RexxMail, BeOS and OS/2.

Solution Technology and Serenity Systems announce new agreement

Solution Technology and Serenity Systems are pleased to announce an agreement whereby STi will provide their Applause Image Utility (which includes the TWAIN for OS/2 Consumer Driver Pack) with eComStation (eCS), Serenity Systems' new PC desktop workstation software based on IBM technology. Upgrades and support will be available directly from Solution Technology.

As part of the agreement, Solution Technology and Serenity Systems will evaluate additional device driver development for both TWAIN and USB.

For more information, check out the full press release.

Issue #10 of the IACT Quarterly Newsletter posted

Issue #10 of the IACT Quarterly Newsletter has been posted, containing articles on FreeBSD, "A Cure for the Internet Munchies," "The First, Last & Only Really Big Software Fix," different keyboard choices, and document formats. Also posted is a 24x7 technical report, "Solutions for e-Mail: Some Lessons from REXX, BeOS and OS/2" focusing on compatibility, security and choice. It takes a close look at how the system capabilities and design philosophies of OS/2 and BeOS can help netizens to send, receive and manage e-mail with built-in options not even available yet in other environments.

Write a driver for the Creative Labs Drx2 DVD Decoder Card

The MAMERun developer contest has been extended to July 1, 2001. Currently, there is no legal solution for OS/2 using the Creative Labs card. Anyone interested in trying their hand at writing a driver for the Creative Labs DRX2 DVD Decoder Card should check out the details. Because the decoding is done on the hardware, there are no legal ramifications for writing the driver (the driver should access the hardware, not decode the DVD directly).

OS/2 and USB site announced

OS/2 World has added an OS/2 and USB page dedicated to information about using USB devices with OS/2.

Java Essence website launched

The Java Essence website, geared toward end-users using Java applications under OS/2 or eCS, has been launched. The site has news, information, scripts, and FAQs about running Java applications in the OS/2 or eCS environment, and is an excellent source of information for the beginner or the expert.

VOICE Speakup IRC session

VOICE will be holding a Speakup IRC session with Sundial Systems on Monday, June 4th at 8PM EDT (00:00 GMT). For more information visit the meeting information page on the VOICE website.

Java 2 (JDK 1.3) refreshed

Java 2 (JDK 1.3) has been refreshed on April 3, 2001 for Software Choice subscribers. It now includes a plugin for the IBM Web Browser (and Warpzilla), so that it can use Java.

Junk Spy Version 2.0

With the release of Junk Spy 2.0, Sundial Systems has taken this field-proven tool and made it available to both OS/2 and Windows desktop computer users. Junk email (or "spam") is becoming an ever larger portion of what people receive in their inbox. For many people, they now get more "spam" than real email. And sorting it all can be a big waste of time. Junk Spy gives you back control of your inbox by identifying and dealing with that junk email so you don't have to. It becomes your "secret agent" in the war against spam.

For details, a demonstration, and to order, visit the brand new Junk Spy web site.

New DDNS Client for www.zoneedit.com

Together with the maker of a universal client for the www.zoneedit.com DDNS services, Bas Heijermans has released a DDNS client for people who want to use DSL or cable to run FTP or WWW servers and require a nameserver. All that an OS/2 user needs to do is install Python for OS/2 with EMX and run the script. Both of these can be found at hobbes.

New files on Hobbes

DivX Player v0.0.1-test myplay-20010423.zip, April 25
Python 2.0 port to OS/2+EMX - binary installation package python-2.0-os2emx-bin-010425.zip, April 25
Python 2.0 port to OS/2+EMX - source patches and makefiles python-2.0-os2emx-src-010425.zip, April 25
Python 2.0 port to OS/2+EMX - Stackless binary installation python-2.0-os2emx-slbin-010425.zip, April 25
Nice, the well-known Enhancer for our system nice-os2-v44.zip, April 25
The source code of Nice OS/2 Enhancer nice-os2-v44-src.zip, April 25
DAVICOM DM9 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter OS/2 driver davi201.zip, April 26
Direct mp3 encoding from an audio CD with CDDB access leechmp3_310.zip, April 27
Return-newline text filter for PostRoad Mailer retnewl.zip, April 27
UPS Monitor C for OS/2 v1.17 for Tripplite and IBM contact closure UPS upsmonc.zip, April 28
OS/2 PM calculator with many common and some uncommon features decalc24.zip, April 28
Tonigy v1.2. Audio/Video CD IFS. The smart replacement of grabbers tonigy12.zip, April 30
Xitami/2 Web Server Version 2.5b4 Patch 2 bos225b4p2.zip, April 30
SimplyFix 4.1 GA sfix41.zip, April 30
PMNapster 3.3.1 for OS/2 and eCS pmnapster331.zip, April 30
Java/Smart Cache 0.53 HTTP proxy server, anonymizer and filter. Good for offline browsing scache053.zip, May 1
Cdrdao2 1.1.5 - enhanced os/2 port of cdrdao 1.1.5 cdrdao2-1.1.5.zip, May 1
Sit-O-CHIRARI ver.0.05, a Nanjaku desktop accessory chir005.zip, May 2
UPS Monitor B for OS/2 v1.2 for APC Back-UPS and Back-UPS Office upsmonb.zip, May 2
Djvutopnm from DjVu 2.2 Reference Library by LizardTech, Inc. djvu2pnm.zip, May 3
A CPU throttle utility for VIA 686A/B south bridges throttle.zip, May 3
Enhanced os/2 port of cdrtools cdrtools2-1.10.zip, May 3
WPS "integration" for the Links textmode browser linkswps.zip, May 3
INFRARED Drivers and Tools for IBM Thinkpads 770, 600 and newer irdd2.zip, May 4
Direct mp3 encoding from an audio CD with CDDB access leechmp3_320.zip, May 4
NDIS 2.0 and ODI drivers for Xircom CE3B-100 ce3b-os2.zip, May 4
A universal mixer for IOCTL90 and pipe mixer APIs lbmix007.zip, May 5
Borland JBuilder 4.0 - Java IDE jbuilder4.zip, May 5
Jbuilder4 help / doc files jbuilder4_docs.zip, May 5
Jbuilder4 samples jbuilder4_samples.zip, May 5
Script files for running JBuilder in eCS/OS2 jbuilder.zip, May 3
ESS PCI 198x (Maestro-3) Audio Driver es198x.zip, May 5
CD2MP3 PM 1.14 An Interface for CD and WAV to MP3 conversion cd2mp3pm114.zip, May 5
UUDEVIEW 0.5p13 compiled for OS/2 (also UUENVIEW) uudeview-0.5.13-os2.zip, May 5

If these links don't work, they may have been moved by the time you read this. Hobbes has a handy search facility, give it a try. For more new OS/2 files on Hobbes, visit the Hobbes Incoming Directory.

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