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16 November 2001
Robert Basler is the president of Aurora Systems, Inc. and a dedicated OS/2 user since he tired of rebooting Windows 3.1 twenty times a day.

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NetDrive for OS/2. Seamless access to FTP, NFS, VFAT, Psion PDA and more...

From The Editor

WarpMedia Technology Preview 1x08

WarpMedia just keeps getting better and better. The developers took a bit of time off to work on other projects, but they've come out with a new release that adds a number of very worthwhile new features. The biggest addition has to be support for additional audio formats including MP3 and PCM, quite a few DivX's I have now play with audio. They've also done some work on the synchronization code. In older versions if WarpMedia got out of synch, it would tend to stay out of synch, however with this version if you have a fast system, it will adjust the video framerate and recover from nearly any problem. I still have a few sychronization problems on my slower system (dual Celeron 433). Another welcome addition is a lot of additional information about your videos and MP3's in the playlist, it now lists the time, audio stream format, bitrate, frequency, resolution and much more which really helps when you're trying to figure out why the DivX you just downloaded doesn't play quite as you expect. Also good is the addition of a working fast-forward and rewind controls.

Important News from Warpstock

The OS/2 Voice newsletter has some important information from Oliver Mark from IBM. He laid out IBM's current OS/2 plans at Warpstock. It isn't happy reading, but if you haven't already read it, you probably will find it interesting.


It was nice to see so many OS/2 users on Slashdot this month in the article Where Have the OS/2 Junkies Gone.

Interesting Website of the Month

Russ Harvey's OS/2 Site has a lot of interesting OS/2 and eComStation info and is rather nicely organized. This is a good place for OS/2 beginners to go to find information on getting started, and contains quite a bit of information on OS/2 add-ons I didn't know existed. It is worth a look.

This Issue

This issue Robert Basler looks at eComStation 1.0 and a slick optical Logitech mouse, Pete Grubbs talks to Achim Hasenmeuller who is behind the upcoming Virtual PC for OS/2, Dan Eicher talks to Doug Hendrix, the maker of Stellar Frontier, Mike Engle looks at using Freelance Graphics for your presentation needs, Doug Clark looks at Visualizer Query and is back with another installment of his series on ODBC and Simon Gronlund anchors the issue with his Into Java column.

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