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16 December 2001

Robert Basler
Editor in Chief

Pete Grubbs
Senior Editor

Platon Fomichev & Andrew Zabolotny
David T. Johnson
Isaac Leung
Douglas Clark
Simon Gronlund
Bas Heijermans
John Bijnens

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From The Editor
Robert Basler [more]


A New Year's Resolution for the eZine Reader
Robert Basler [more]

Can You Really Get There From Here?
Pete Grubbs considers the press' effect on the OS/2 community. [more]


GCC 3.0.2 - Installation, Usage and Tips
Platon Fomichev & Andrew Zabolotny talk about this new OS/2 compiler. [more]

IBM's OS/2 Accomplishments in 2001
David T. Johnson thinks it has been a pretty good year. [more]

Why Won't IBM Fix My Bugs
Isaac Leung looks at the reasons. [more]

20 Questions with Joachim Benjamins of Mensys
Pete Grubbs brings back another interview from Warpstock. [more]

Robert Basler - who says OS/2 doesn't have the latest features? [more]

ODBC on OS/2 Part 8
Douglas Clark ends the section on drivers and databases with a look at MySQL, miniSQL, Ingres and Informix. [more]

ODBC on OS/2 Part 9
Douglas Clark starts a new section on ODBC programming. [more]

Into Java, Part 23
Simon Gronlund ends this series by building a client for his chat server. [more]


Ask Bas and John
Bas Heijermans and John Bijnens answer your OS/2 questions in this ongoing forum. [more]

December Forums
Questions for the authors? Disagree with us? Take it to the forums. [more]

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