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June 16, 2004
Isaac Leung (P.Eng.) got a degree in Engineering Physics followed by a Master's in Electrical Engineering after which he promptly got a job as a product engineer at a company which makes high speed datacom chips. He is old enough to have cut his computer teeth on Commodore 64's and first played with OS/2 1.3 EE while at a summer job with IBM. The first PC he ever owned came with Windows 95, but he soon slapped on OS/2 Warp 3 and has been Warping ever since. He has agreed to work for Transmeta while he continues plotting to take over the world.
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From The Editor

In the beginning, I could blame the glitches on inexperience. I don't think I can lean on that excuse any more. Yes, as many of you have noticed, there have been minor glitches and problems with many of the recent issues.

Too fast

As usually happens, it's due to not thoroughly checking out the finished product, usually because I'm in a rush to get it out. Well, being in a rush is no excuse! Especially the couple of times I've made the most major of errors and misattributed a contribution to the wrong author! Afterall, the only thing most contributors receive is a bit of fame amongst the community, and if I mess that up, they don't even get that!

I hereby resolve to take the time to get it right! That means I'm going to have to set a "hard" deadline for submissions. No more rushing! I'm going to leave plenty of time to properly check out each issue before releasing it, even if it means being a day or two late. And it means, please keep hammering on me if you see a mistake! Hopefully that will force me to stay on my toes. Afterall, a quality OS deserves a quality e-Zine.

Interesting note...

While we're on the topic of reliability, some of you may have heard the news last month that quite a few bank transactions (especially paycheques!) were delayed when a software upgrade at the Royal Bank of Canada didn't quite go as planned. Even farther back, their ATM's were affect when one of the nasty worms swept the 'net.

I have to wonder, is it a coincidence that the Royal Bank was the only one of the Canadian banks affected? Is it a coincidence that it is the only one of the banks that made a major move to Windows? I have personally walked into the branches of Scotiabank, HSBC and TD-Waterhouse recently and they all use OS/2 at their branches. I've been told that Bank of Montreal and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) also still use OS/2, and that pretty much covers all the big banks in the land.

Now, obviously, I wasn't there and I didn't do it ;-), so I can't be sure, but it kind of makes you wonder if there's more to it than just bad luck...maybe they should have stuck with something proven to be reliable!

A Note to Shareware Authors

I'd like to also remind shareware authors that OS/2 e-Zine can be the perfect place to promote your product. Not with an ad, but submit an article that shows people what sort of tasks can be accomplished by using your product!

Obviously such articles will be clearly marked so that readers are aware of any potential bias. But it is a great way to get "free" exposure for your product and it also benefits the readers and OS/2 users in general. It's rare to benefit all parties, so take advantage of the opportunity!

With such a specialized community having just a handful of websites and newsgroups as the only medium, getting the message out that your product exists, let alone convincing people to try it, is not an easy task. Even though I like to keep close tabs on the community, I still regularly find software gems that have been existence for years that I've never heard about!

Looking for More OS/2 eZine Content?

How about writing it? The OS/2 eZine has to be a community effort, the more writers we have to spread the work around, the better the issues will be and the easier it is for everyone. If you're working on a cool OS/2 project that you think the readership of the OS/2 eZine would find interesting, we're looking for one-off articles as well as short series and monthly columns to fill the pages of the OS/2 eZine. Trying some cool new software? How about writing a short review? It doesn't take much time and you can win some great prizes!

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