OS/2 e-Zine! is Here

Well here we are finally. At times it seemed that OS/2 e-Zine! would never get onto the web but with the help of a lot of talented and generous people, it did! It was only a year ago when I first got Warp and realized what an enormous amount of interest there was on the Internet about OS/2. In the weeks immediately before I finally got my red box (thanks to Mrs. Santa) I conducted an informal poll of users' experiences installing OS/2. While the responses were interesting the amount of replies was even more so. By posting to a few news groups, I transformed my little corner of the 'net from an unknown backwater to a bustling intersection. This time around, we're hoping for Grand Central Station. :-)

While there is certainly no lack of OS/2 related information on the Internet and even a few "review" type sites, we felt it was time that the OS/2 community had a regular, permanent and comprehensive source of information for its operating system. We hope that new and experienced readers alike will find this publication interesting and rewarding. Once a month, every month (for now!) we will bring you reviews, opinions, news and other trivia to inform, educate, and just plain entertain you. We've tried to balance illustration and bandwidth. For the most part images are not inline but they are only a click away for those who want them. If you have a comment on our layout (especially praise for our logo), let us know.

Our first issue was put together largely by volunteer contributors, without whom this would not be possible. While there may still be a few rough edges to the e-zine you can probably blame those on me and I promise to work on them for the next issue. If you do want to go casting blame (or praise) we'd love to hear from you. Of course you can reach us by email and we'll try to share your comments with the rest of our readers. Also, you may wish to email directly to one of our contributors. For the most part their addresses are listed following their articles, but remember, you won't get to be famous if you don't send us your letters!

So jump right in. We have a real hodge-podge for you in our first issue. There are our regular features including "Heath Phillipi's OS/2 Tips" and "What's Hip on the Internet"; also there are our reviews of shareware and SPG's ColorWorks; and don't forget to check out my and Chris Wenham's rants about OS/2! One word of warning: because our reviews are currently volunteer written, the opinions stated in them do not necessarily reflect those of OS/2 e-Zine! or Haligonian Media. Our editorial policy includes safeguards against incorrect reviews but as we are still so new and deadlines were so rushed for this issue, evaluation copies of all programs may not have been available to the editor at the time we posted. As one reviewer puts it, individual user's mileage may vary. If you disagree with something you see in our pages, don't sit there and fume about it, let us - and our readers - know!

So have a look, leave us on your coffee table or take us to your doctor's office. And don't forget to tell your friends that OS/2 e-Zine! is here.

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