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Welcome to OS/2 e-Zine! This is our first issue ever so please, look around and send us your comments!

Regular Features:

 * Editorial Letters to the editor *
 * The rants... Trevor's | Chris' Heath's Helpful Tips *
 * The Beta File

What's New with OS/2?

 * The '95 Warped Games Contest - Jim Dahl


 * ColorWorks 1.0 from SPG - Chris Wenham


 * NPS WPS Enhancer v1.81 - Mark Flanagan
 * PMView v0.92 - Steven Atchue
 * Zap-O-Com v2.11 - Ethan A. Hall-Beyer
 * PMMail v1.1 & Eudora (for Windows) v1.5.2 - Kenneth Wolman

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