What's New with OS/2?- by Jim Dahl

The OS/2 Entertainment Development Council
and '95 Warped Games Contest

The 1994 release of OS/2 Warp propelled OS/2 from almost exclusively corporate and software development environments into homes across the world. The sudden proliferation of home users of OS/2 has generated a tremendous demand for OS/2 entertainment software -- a market which was almost nonexistent just a year ago. While IBM has made efforts to develop a relationship with major game developers, it is difficult to convince companies to be the first to venture into uncharted territory while their current markets still prove lucrative.

In June 1995, a discussion on the Internet newsgroup comp.os.os2.games proposed a game development contest, with cash prizes to encourage OS/2 applications development. I offered to coordinate such an effort, and along with five other OS/2 enthusiasts formed the OS/2 Entertainment Development Council.

'95 Warped Games Contest

The council's first major act was organizing the initially proposed shareware contest: The 1995 Warped Games! It is an open contest for shareware game developers who release native OS/2 games between June 1, and December 31, 1995.

IBM delays in releasing the entertainment developers' toolkit and delays in support for the contest have prompted the Entertainment Development Council to push back the formal announcement of the contest. The deadline will most likely be adjusted accordingly by an announcement this fall.

Details about the contest, including a current draft of the rules, are available on the Entertainment Development Council's world wide web homepage.

As a not-for-profit organization we rely exclusively on individual donations and corporate sponsors to help fund the contest. Individuals or businesses interested in making donations should contact me.

Development Information

Though the Council has not yet sponsored any development newsletters, mailing lists, or toolkits of its own, it has compiled a very thorough list of OS/2 and general game development information available via the Internet.

Interested developers can access the OS/2 game development information web page via the Entertainment Development Council's home page on the world wide web.

Jim Dahl is the organizer of the OS/2 Entertainment Development Council. Jim is a freelance OS/2 consultant and programmer; he worked at IBM Rochester in 1994 and authored the WSetup utility for OS/2.

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