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Indelible Blue is the obvious giant in the OS/2 direct retail market (but other companies are trying to change this!). Their success is definitely a great indication of the potential for profit in OS/2 retail and has sparked more than one competitor into existence over the years.

While their ratings, according to our readers, for Promptness & Reliability (4.63 out of 5) and Customer Service (4.42 out of 5) were similar to their competitors', they did receive the most votes of any company surveyed. Their prices were also very much in line with the other companies'; our list totalled US$438.00 at Indelible Blue for an average price of US$73.00.

With no overwhelming price or customer service superiority, one might wonder why Indelible Blue is so popular. Possibly the reason lies in their easily accessible and searchable WWW site or their beautiful, full colour catalogue sent to almost 100,000 OS/2 users every 4 months. Or maybe it's their high profile, with advertisements in print magazines such as OS/2 Magazine and on-line right here in OS/2 e-Zine!. Whatever the case, they're obviously doing something right.

Our readers said it best with some of their comments: "I've had very satisfying contacts with IB. As a new network administrator, I'm trying to find ways to move my department toward OS/2 solutions. IB has provided me with ideas, demonstration software, and lots of encouragement. They are good people."

One fellow Canadian said, "With this type of customer support, no-one would will be disappointed ordering across the border. (Except for the exchange rate on the Loonie!)" And perhaps most convincing was another reader's comment: "I'm an Indelible Blue repeat customer. I've been so completely satisfied with their service that I haven't considered any of the mail order alternatives."

However, no company is all good and Indelible Blue did have its detractors. One reader gave IB a 3 out of 5 for customer service and wrote that it was, "because their returns policy does not apply to customers outside the USA; I wish their web site could give a quote for international shipping charges anywhere in the world, it's very tedious to have to e-mail each time; and when I send an e-mail asking for information, they are supposed to reply within 24 hours, but normally they do not reply at all. I can get a reply by e-mailing the sales manager and saying, 'why did I not get a reply?' But if I fail to do this, my e-mail languishes unanswered."

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