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Vol. 1 No. 10
August 1996


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John Ominor
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Aquanaut! v1.0
- Stepen Turk

Toyland v1.0
- Mikael Engdahl


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Feature Review

Retail Mail Order Survey! In July, OS/2 e-Zine! conducted a survey of our readers' opinions on OS/2 direct retail companies. This month we bring you the results of that survey as well as short reviews of major OS/2 direct retailers and commentary on the OS/2 market and the retail situation.

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Introduction | Commentary - Chris Wright | Rankings


SouthSide Software - Interview by Tim Walker

After OS/2 Warp was released two university students made a decision to ease the pain of UltiMail. The result is one of the most successful shareware stories in OS/2 history. Our reporter spoke to Robert Novitskey and Evan Goldring, founders of SouthSide Software.


- Bryan Sarty
Another view from the floor at Canada's biggest computer show?

InJoy a Connection
- Jon Winters
Another side to total system automation for an on-line world.


Post Road Mailer v2.0
- Tash Hepting

FileStar/2 v2.0
- Bob Smith

Euler v4.2
- Dr. Dirk Terrell

WebExtra v1.02
- Doug Hicken

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