August's Top Selling Commercial Applications

Note: The following list represents only the top selling OS/2 applications. OS/2 Warp and OS/2 Warp Connect are not included in the rankings.
14IBM AntiVirus v2.4 Desktop Ed.IBM
22Partition Magic v2 Personal Ed.PowerQuest
35Backmaster v2.0MSR Development
48System Commander v2.2V Communications
53Faxworks Pro v2.0Global Village
66Unimaint v5.0SofTouch Systems
79BackAgain/2 v4.0 Prof. Ed.Comp. Data Strat.
8--Seagate Backup v2 Personal Ed.Seagate
9--Impos2 v2.0 UpgradeCompart
10--Object Desktop ProfessionalStardock Systems
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