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Vol. 1 No. 11
September 1996

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3D Minesweeper - Tim Middleton

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Netscape Navigator for OS/2!

In August, Netscape Communications and IBM jointly announced that Netscape Navigator would be ported to OS/2. OS/2 e-Zine! joined in on the press teleconference and we bring you the details. Find out what features to expect, when to look for it and how much (if anything) you'll pay.

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-Focus: C/C++ Compilers-

Borland C++ v2.0 - Eric Slaats
VisualAge C++ v3.0 - Dr. Dirk Terrell
Watcom C/C++ v10.6 - Brian L. Juergensmeyer


Gary Hammer - Interview by Doug Glenn

Gary Hammer, the sometimes controversial, always passionate founder and maintainer of The Must Have OS/2 Utilities FTP and WWW site took some time to speak with us this month about OS/2, the WWW and public fights on Usenet.


Netscape and Wintel
- Brett Cohen
Will Netscape be the company to break the Wintel monopoly?

IBM & Game Developers
- Dave Peterson
Has IBM forsaken its game developers?

Technical Connection CD
- Stacy King
A look at the IBM Technical Connection CD.


Object Desktop Pro v1.5
- Alex Bradley

UniMaint v5.0
- Jim Little

Traveling Workplace v1.2
- Jon Kaminsky

Photo>Graphics v1.0
- Christopher Wright

--Coming up in the next issue: October 1st--

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