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Reviews: Games

This month we had a chance to speak with Jim Thomas of SoftPort, the company responsible for porting many of Maxis' simulation games to the OS/2 platform. Jim shared a few of his thoughts on OS/2 as a gaming platform in the article below entitled, "Games, Lies and OS/2".

Speaking of Maxis, we also had a look at their second attempt at a native OS/2 version of their popular Sim games to see if they got it right. Ethan Hall Beyer will set the record straight once and for all whether a city can be run on OS/2.

And finally this month, we take a look at the first attempt by a group of ex-IBMers to teach your children how to read. Our reviewer, Larry Bouthillier, takes a look at The Alphabet Zoo.

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 * Games, Lies and OS/2 - Jim Thomas

 * SimCity 2000 for OS/2 - Ethan Hall Beyer

 * The Alphabet Zoo - Larry Bouthillier

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