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Welcome back to the Internet's premier site for up to date news, reviews, articles and opinions on the world's favourite 32bit operating system--OS/2.

In this issue we take a look at OS/2 graphics software, some Internet apps and, of course, games. And don't miss our new "Answers from e-Zine! ", or our on-the-spot reviews of the Technical Interchange and the Warp Teleseminar 2!

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 * the Beta Filethe Rave *
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 * the REXX FilesWill Windows 95 Disappear? *
 * the Warped SOHO
 * Help Desk - the comic strip

 * Reviews

Graphics Software
ColorWorks V2 - Chris Wenham
NeoN Graphix 3D - Nico Nabholz
and Mario Schunda
PMJPEG v1.74 - Tim Walker
JView v1.0 - David Seldon

Misc Reviews
- DragText, Japanese Warp, Secure WebEx and Surf'nRexx.
- SimCity 2000, The Alphabet Zoo and a word from an OS/2 developer.

 * Profile

Super Shareware Support
- Bob Smith takes a close look at Nick Knight's thorough approach to technical support--a mailing list done right.

 * Reports

The IBM OS/2 Warp Teleseminar 2
Chris Wenham stopped by the The IBM OS/2 Warp Teleseminar 2 at the end of last month to see what was up. For those of you who missed it, we have his full report!

Brad's IBM Technical Interchange Report
Stardock Systems President and all around OS/2 advocate, Brad Wardell, gives us his impressions of the goings-on at the IBM Technical Interchange.

 * Articles

A day in the life of a CyberMasochist - Jonathan Reason
A tale of computers, OS/2, FixPaks, and coffee. Come one, come all, see the CyberMasochist--marvel at his tenacity!

How to Install/Uninstall Programs in OS/2 - Paulo Mario Moraes
Simple instructions for making sure that software is installed correctly and how to get it off if it's not.

GNU: OS/2's Hidden Treasure - Part 2 - Murray Todd Williams
This month Murray explains how to get and set up the basic EMX package and the GCC compiler.

How to Rescue a Damaged Desktop - Jim Little
When your desktop goes south, do you know what to do? Jim takes us, step by step, through the process of fixing the worst of messes.

 * New!

Chris' ColorWorks Power Tips
Chris Wenham discusses techniques and ideas using SPG's Killer App.

Answers from e-Zine!
Tips, Tricks, Questions and Answers from the staff and contributors of OS/2 e-Zine!

The Chronicles of John Ominor
Sample the wisdom of The Inhuman...

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