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Feature Reviews: Graphics Software

In the past year, OS/2 has made great strides in becoming a "serious" platform for all types of businesses. With incredible products from companies such as SPG and Team Computer, OS/2 is no longer a follower in the high end graphics market, but instead, a leader.

And there is also a wide selection of low or medium cost graphics software available for the home user. We took a look at PMView v0.92 in our first issue and this month we review a few others.

Whether you're looking to convert file formats, touch up the odd family photo, apply creative effects or create something never seen on this earth, OS/2 vendors are providing the tools you need.

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 * ColorWorks V2 - Chris Wenham

 * NeoN Graphix 3D - Nico Nabholz and Mario Schunda.

 * PMJPEG v1.74 - Tim Walker

 * JView and JView Pro v1.0 - David Seldon

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