The Warped SOHO- by Collin Summers

A Parallel Port TAN

I received some feedback on my last column covering Warp Connect and the Warped TAN. Many of you were interested in how to get a LAN connection using the parallel port driver. So I figured, "What the heck, let's do it." This month I'll cover how to use the IBM Parallel Port driver to create a (SLOW) Warped LAN Connection.

First things first. Go into MPTS and install the IBM Parallel Port driver, or select it as the driver when doing the install. Once that's installed, make sure you have selected NETBIOS and 802.2 support in the MPTS protocols for the IBM Parallel port driver. By the way, most of the information I am using to install and set up a parallel port as a LAN card is located in the IBMCOM\MACS directory in a file titled PRNANDIS.TXT.

Now we need to make some changes to a couple of files so that the PEER will perform without too many problems. Go into PROTOCOL.INI, located in your IBMCOM directory, and make the following changes.


     ADAPTRATE = 0
     TI = 60000
     T1 = 10000
     T2 = 2000
     MAXIN = 5
     MAXOUT = 5
Now go into IBMLAN.INI, located in your IBMLAN directory, and make the following changes.

    sesstimeout = 300


;                 1    V  Bit 15 changed to 2 to increase timeout
;                 0123456789012345678
  srvheuristics = 1111014111131102133
The reason we need to make these changes is that the parallel port is much slower than an actual NIC adapter. By changing these settings we allow the peer to wait longer for responses before reporting an error or timing out.

Now if you've done all that and rebooted, you should be able to run PRANDISC.EXE (located in the IBMCOM directory). Make sure both machines are up and running and connected by your parallel port cable before you run it. Also make sure you have the right cable selected in the IBM Parallel Port Driver settings; most will probably use a LapLink (LinkRight) cable, but you can use a PPLINK or JFKCOM cable. If you really want to, you can make a cable using the wiring diagram in the PRNANDIS.TXT file. Or check out YAHOO's cable listing and order a LapLink compatible cable from one of them.

If you don't get many errors once the program is running on both machines, then you should be ready to share resources over your parallel port. PRANDISC must be running in order for a peer connection to work and while it is running the parallel port is not usable for printing. Also, make sure both machines have the same domain name so that they can find each other. Remember that this connection is not very fast, however, it is good for hooking your laptop to your desktop for the occasional file transfer.

Warped SOHO Application Search

Remember I am also looking for ideas from you the reader as to what we should adventure into each month. So please drop me a line to help me help you and others out; we may all learn a little in the process.

I am also gearing up to start awarding the "Warped SOHO Approved" label to applications which can help a Warped SOHO do business. I am doing this because there are a lot of great OS/2 applications out there and they are often overlooked. And since we are focusing on the SOHO I thought we should acknowledge the products that can help in making the Warped SOHO run.

To be "Warped SOHO Approved" an application must be OS/2 or OS/2 Warp native (no WIN-OS2 or DOS). It must apply to business (ROIDS is fun and may help your stress at work, but it does not qualify). It must be available (no beta software please). It does not need to cost anything, it can be freeware, shareware or commercial. And finally I or a number of readers must find the product useful.

Here's where you come in: I need to know which applications help your warped SOHO run. As long as it's OS/2 related and useful to your SOHO setup, it qualifies. So send in the names of your favorite Warp SOHO apps (yes vendors, you can nominate your own products!). Next month I'll start to cover applications which are "Warped SOHO Approved" and do a mini-review of them. So e-mail away!

And, oh yeah, one last thing. I've mentioned the package "Warp Start" in past articles and I now have a home page for it with links to the latest version, as well as an overview of what's in it.

Until next time, remember, if IBM can run the largest computer company in the world's mobile professionals on OS/2 Warp Connect, it should be able to handle a SOHO work force.

Collin Summers has done OS/2 contract work for IBM and worked with many small to large corporate customers. He is currently on contract to a fortune 75 manufacturing company in the midwest. He is also developing Lotus NOTEs applications and writing this column in his spare time.

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