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Vol. 1 No. 8
June 1996

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Feature Review

After much anticipation, NeoLogic Network Suite v4.5 is finally here. This suite of Internet apps has been kicking around the OS/2 world for a long time and has taken some knocks in its day. How does the current offering perform?

Our reviewers put it through its paces to see how this newest release fares in real world tests.

News - Steve Turk | FTP - Chris Wenham | FTPd - Lief Clennon


- Robin K. MacMahon
These days, you have to watch out for the superhighwayman.

The Great OS Shuffle
- Chris Murray
Tips & tricks on setting up your system to run multiple OSs.

System Monitoring in OS/2
- Dave Wallenberg
Reasons and methods for system and resource monitoring in OS/2.

GNU Part 3: Emacs
- Murray Williams
Murray continues his trek into GNU with a look at EMACS.


Yarn & Souper
- Jon Kaminsky

- Chris Wenham

Maple for OS/2
- Dr. Dirk Terrell


Chomp & MakMan
- David Seldon

- Chris Williams

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