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Bianchi Software
Developer of Smalled, the small, high powered, intuitive OS/2 editor.

BMT Micro
Your complete source for over 75 of the best OS/2 shareware applications available. Drop by today and check out our WWW catalog or download the .INF version.

ChipChat Technology Group
ChipChat produces excellent 32-bit OS/2 software for wireless text paging and state-of-the-art multimedia Sound Cards for Micro Channel PS/2 computers.

EmTec Innovative Software
EmTec Innovative Software produces state-of-the-art OS/2 ISDN, modem and telnet communications software. OS/2 Magazine and Inside OS/2 1995 award winner.

House of Technology, Inc.
Your Canadian Source For OS/2 Applications.

Indelible Blue
Indelible Blue, a mail order company, provides OS/2 software and hardware solutions to customers worldwide.

J3 Computer Technologies
Consistently the low price leader for OS/2 software. Over 150 OS/2 items to choose from and growing. Enter J3's Modem/Communication software raffle (ends June 30, 1996)... it's free.

Mt. Baker Software
Developers of "Money Tree", a full featured personal financial package for OS/2.

Post Road Mailer
The Post Road Mailer is a high performance, 32-bit, email program with drag and drop filing, printing, shredding, word wrap and multiple MIME attachments.

Prominic Technologies
Software developer and IBM PC VAR preloading OS/2 Warp. Expert staff provides advice on hardware and creates custom software.

ScheduPerformance, Inc.
Patented priority scanning logic and visual priority identification give you performance and control.

Shenandoah Equipment Co.
Providers of lifetime warrantied name brand simms, laptop and printer memory at competitive prices.

Simply Intelligent, Inc.
Your OS/2 PC Company. Pentium and Pentium Pros. Tons of native preloaded software. Call 1-800-OS2-BETT"er". OS/2 only and loving it!

SPG Inc.
Creators of ColorWorks for OS/2 - The Artist's Ultimate Power Program! ColorWorks has earned both the 1995 OS/2 Magazine Editor's Choice & the 1995 OS/2 Professional Magazine Best New Product Awards.

Use REXX to build powerful Internet utilities using our DLLs. Package also includes 10 utilities as samples.

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Mike QuinnRalph CohenRobert D. Miller
Jan SchatzMichael ShillingfordJ. McMillan
Vicky StablesDennis HayesScott Allen
Craig SawersAxel WebersCLC Innovative Designs Ltd.
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Michael AndersenRichard PrytulaMichael Coane
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