the Rave: HyperView v3.4- by Noah Sumner

I am an OS/2 user, but a convert from DOS. The one main feature that I really missed in OS/2 was the list utility. You could get 4OS/2, but it does a lot more then just give you the list utility.

For a while I made my own .cmd file to simply pipe the result of TYPE to MORE. This, however, was very lacking in features. And, of course, you better not want to go back up!

Then, when I was surfing around to find some programs for the Toronto OS/2 User Group Shareware disk, I found it: HyperView. This wonderful program not only has a command line interface but a PM interface as well.

Both interfaces are quick and easy to load. (I am particularly fond of the PM interface.) As you can see, it has many options. One of the best is the easy to change font size.

HyperView is great to view text files, but what about a document from a word processor? Easy, HyperView supports many formats of the most popular word processors (DOS, Windows, and native OS/2).

Okay so I can view all sorts of text documents. Great. But I can also simply load up a word processor. Well what if I told you it can load HTML documents too? Not only can you view HTML documents with HyperView but it will automatically strip out the HTML tags and use the tags' information to format the text (a center tag would cause HyperView to center the text)!!!

This is all great, but we haven't even covered the latest version yet! Often I want to see the readme for a zipped file; with HyperView you can do that too (this feature requires InfoZip's Unzip). What about .INF files for OS/2? HyperView can view those too. In fact, I would say there is almost no form of text that HyperView can't view.

HyperView will also handle word wrap and even change the spacing of things for you. These changes to the document can't be saved however.

"HyperView is truly a great program, but surely there are some problems," you say? Amazingly, I can only think of one addition that I would like to see: the ability to Print. Before every user starts sending me messages on how to do this, I know it can be done but you have to gather all the text and then open LPT1 (or PRN, etc.). I would like to see one button that will do this for me.

Overall though, HyperView 3.4 is a great product. It is loaded with features and for US$35 you get both the command line and PM interface. I encourage all of you to download a copy and try it out.

 * HyperView v3.4
by Michael H. Shacter
download from BMT Micro (ZIP, 200k)
Registration: US$35
Noah Sumner is a member of Team OS/2, and is the Shareware Disk of the month editor for the Toronto OS/2 User Group. He is living in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).

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