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Vol. 1 No. 9
July 1996


Chris' Rant
Linfield's Line
OS/2 Revisited
A Successful OS
the Raves:
... HyperView v3.4
... Animouse v1.0a


the Beta File
ColorWorks Tips
Answers fr. e-Zine!
Need for Speed
the REXX Files
NetRexx Part II


Help Desk
John Ominor
Hot Software:
... Commercial
... Shareware


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Feature Review

Merlin is here! Stacy King gives us an introduction to the beta and its many exciting new features. Also, our reviewers we're busily banging on Merlin's tires early this month and we've prepared a Special Merlin Supplement to our July issue!.

Click below and get the full details!

Introduction - Stacy King | Special Merlin Supplement


Jason Perlow Speaks Out - Interview by Chris Williams

The vocal and visible ex-OS/2 advocate gives his side of the story in the "TeamOS/2 Online affair" and talks about Team OS/2, OS/2 itself, NT, advocacy and the industry.


The Win95 Revolution
- Marty Cawthon
After a year, has Windows 95 succeeded like we expected?

Off-line Adventures
- Trevor Smith
One user's project to bring the on-line world to his local machine.

GNU Part 4: Tex
- Murray Williams
Murray continues his trek into GNU with a look at Tex.


Object Desktop v1.5
- Chris Wright

The Secure Workplace
- Jon Kaminsky

PartitionMagic v2.03
- Sidney Maplehurst


Soup KIDchen v1.1
- Doug Hicken

Oil v1.1
- David Seldon

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