Merlin Screen Shots

You want to see them and we've got them! Here are some screen shots from our first week of testing the new release of OS/2:

First, a full screen shot (GIF, 73k);

a sample of scroll bars, new Merlin style buttons and the WarpSans font (GIF, 2k);

and a sample folder (GIF, 3.5k) with the new menu bar and URL objects;

the Merlin "Create Another" (GIF, 7.2k) dialog;

the new Properties Dialog (GIF, 6k) that replaces the Settings notebook;

WebEx v1.2 (GIF, 10.7k);

another dialog, note the up/down spinbuttons (GIF, 4.6k);

System Customization (GIF, 14k) Dialog;

WarpGuide (GIF, 8k) in action;

the new picture viewer (GIF, 7.8k);

and the CD player (GIF, 10.1k);

the Connections Folder (GIF, 3k);

the Assistance Center Folder (GIF, 4.5k);

a Command Prompt with Marking (GIF, 4.6k);

the great new pop-up menus (GIF, 5.3k);

and some of the new backgrounds included with Merlin

a Sponge (JPG, 10.5k)

a Wicker (JPG, 9.3k)

a Burlap (JPG, 16.7k)

a Loofah (JPG, 20.3k)

and our personal favourite: a Mauve Mat (JPG, 8.3k).

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