the Rave: Conversion Pro v1.6- by David Butt

Ever wondered how many ells there are in a fathom? How many cables in a knot; minutes in a year; gills in a hogshead or slugs in a pound?

Conversion Pro by NEGC Software of Tacoma, Washington determines these and hundreds of other unit conversions and presents them with an easily understood, simple, clear and logical interface.

Conversion Pro includes a huge list of over 1,800 conversions in the following categories: acceleration; illumination; velocity; weight & mass; angular velocity; energy & work; area; volume; power; concentration; force; pressure; density; hydraulics; nuclear physics; electricity & magnetism; distance & length; temperature; and time. If these are not enough and you have a regular need to convert furlongs per fortnight to meters/second, the 'user defined category' will even let you create your own special conversions!

All that is required to use this utility, is to choose the conversion you need, enter the number you wish to convert in the entry box and the answer is presented.

Installing Conversion Pro is a straightforward matter of unzipping the file into a temporary directory, invoking the install utility, choosing a directory, and sitting back. The install utility places an icon on your Desktop for your further action.

In addition to all the conversion utilities, the just-released v1.6 includes LoanPro, a loan calculator program, and Time Pro, a utility that sets your computer's internal clock to the United States Naval Observatory Time Service Department cesium atomic clock. Registration for all these wonders is only US$19.95.

However, the interface for v1.6 differs from v1.5 (GIF, 11.8k), requiring greater use of the included calculator to quickly convert the units you wish to determine. This reviewer feels that Conversion Pro v1.5 is equally capable and the more useful product, as well as being a better value. However, your mileage (.3333 leagues) may vary!

This is a great utility for anyone who regularly works in the sciences and has a need to convert between one unit of measurement and another. It is fast and easy to use, and comes highly recommended.

 * Conversion Pro v1.6
by NEGC Software
download from BMT Micro (ZIP, 600k)
Registration: US$19.95
David Butt is a recreational user of OS/2 -- a rather solitary habit in Smithers, British Columbia. He sates this addiction with megadoses of OS/2 information around the 17th of each month.

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