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vol. 2, no. 2
February 16, 1997


From the Editor
Chris' Rant
the Rave:
... Conversion Pro
Here We Go...
It's Just No Good


the Beta File
Answers fr. e-Zine!
ColorWorks Tips
Obj. Desktop Tips
Need for Speed
the REXX Files
How Do I?

-End Notes-

Help Desk
Harry Martin
Nethead's Nook
John Ominor
Top Software:
... Indelible Blue
... J3 Computer
... BMT Micro


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Matrox Mystique - Donovan Long
Digitizer Tablets - Christopher B. Wright


Animated Mouse Pointer for OS/2 - Ryan Dill
Word Processors: An Overview - Jon Cochran


PMICS for OS/2 Warp v2.1.1 - Steve Kelly
x128 OS/2 v0.5b5 - Tim Walker

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