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1996 Readers' Choice Awards: System

Best Programming Environment or Compiler

Winner VisualAge C++
by IBM

IBM is not just the father of OS/2, it is also the developer of the best loved compiler for OS/2 (as well as Windows and other platforms): VisualAge C++. This robust visual development environment is the successor to the popular CSet++ and contains a C/C++ compiler, linker, debugger, performance analyzer, visual builder, database access tools and IPF compiler. VAC++ also features extensive class libraries and Direct-to-SOM support. This is the tool for OS/2 Warp C or C++ programmers.

Runner-up Watcom C/C++
by Watcom

Next in popularity after VAC++ is programming language giant, Watcom, with their Watcom C/C++ compiler. Version 10.6 of this multiplatform development tool allows developers to create one code base and then compile for OS/2, DOS or Windows (95 or NT). With all the traditional compiler bells and whistles, great cross-platform support and the famous Watcom name behind it, Watcom C/C++ was a winner with our readers.

Best System Utility/Tool

(editor's note : The number of votes separating the top two companies in the "Best System Utility/Tool" category was very small. There was a difference of only 31 votes between the two.)

Winner UniMaint
by SofTouch Systems
download demo from SofTouch Systems

UniMaint is SofTouch Systems' popular answer to OS/2 system management needs. This versatile product offers users the ability to completely uninstall, archive and reinstall their OS/2, DOS and WINOS2 applications. Additionally, UniMaint provides a unified suite of utilities designed to allow users to maintain their OS/2 Workplace Shell, including automated repair of INI files, facilities for displaying and editing EAs, Desktop backup, and portable Desktop backups.

Shipping in various versions for some time, the latest version of UniMaint is one of the many reasons our readers so highly regard SofTouch Systems.

Runner-up Process Commander
by Stardock Systems

The three-finger-salute is no longer a kiss of death for your data thanks to Process Commander (PC) from Stardock. PC's heritage comes from WatchCat, a venerable utility that quietly monitored running processes and allowed users to kill them in an emergency should they become frozen. Process Commander does this and more, giving users a Shutdown folder in addition to the Startup folder, remapping those "Win95" keys on new keyboards and giving network administrators the ability to Telnet into a machine and kill processes remotely.

Best Text Editor or Programming Editor

Winner OS/2's Enhanced Editor
by IBM

Another of our "Best of category" winners included free in OS/2 itself is the Enhanced Editor, better known as EPM. EPM is a do-all workhorse used for everything from simple text editing to program code editing to HTML editing. Its programmability allows users to extend its basic functions with new, custom menus and features. This incredible versatility and low price tag (free) keep its popularity high despite competition from third party products.

Runner-up The SemWare Editor for OS/2
by SemWare

The SemWare Editor Junior for OS/2 offers the same rich set of features as the standard DOS version of this 10 year old product, but is designed for the OS/2 operating system. It is a native OS/2 application that takes advantage of OS/2's virtual memory management system to allow editing of large files. The OS/2 version offers full HPFS support, including handling of long filenames and extended attributes (EAs), and provides access to the OS/2 Clipboard. The SemWare Editor Junior for OS/2 package also includes a copy of the standard DOS version of the editor making it a great product and a good bargain.

Best HTML Editor

(editor's note : The number of votes separating the top two companies in the "Best HTML Editor" category was very small. There was a difference of only 19 votes between the two.)

Winner HTML Studio
by Panacea Software
download from the OS/2 Supersite (ZIP, 1.6meg)

Most popular of the "new breed" of HTML editors this past year was HTML Studio. HTML Studio is an OS/2 Presentation Manager application used to rapidly design custom world wide web pages. It allows users to create web pages without having to know the HTML tag language -- which is exactly what most people want! The program features drag 'n drop support, a preview window (a fully functional HTML 3.0 web browser using WebExplorer libraries), printing, font and colour support. A solid program solidly favoured by our readers.

Runner-up HomePage Publisher
by JBC
download from the OS/2 Supersite (ZIP, 3.3meg)

Almost as popular as the leader in this category, HomePage Publisher (HPP) was also heavily favoured by our readers. HPP is a WYSIWYG Web Page Design tool for OS/2 similar to many offerings on Windows platforms. It allows users to create or modify HTML pages and does not require knowledge of HTML tags. With HPP, users can make changes by simply clicking toolbars, etc. In short, HPP is a Web browser that offers all the possibilities of a word processor.

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