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August '97 Reader Survey Results

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you know that Sun Microsystems has launched an attack on the seemingly unassailable Windows juggernaut. And you also know that IBM has joined the crusade and, in doing so, has bet OS/2's very existence on the success of Java.

Many people have had heated reactions to this situation so last month we asked, "What do you think of Java?"

Answers to our survey were accepted from August 16th until September 13th. We had a total of 1,461 replies to our questionnaire with 40 "spoiled" entries (replies were considered "spoiled" if they did not contain an e-mail address, if they were incomplete or if they were duplicates). This left 1,421 valid replies. The results were as follows:

Do you have Java or will you install it in the future?

One thing is obvious from our readers' replies this month: Java is popular. A whopping 93.7% of those surveyed told us that they had either Java 1.02 or Java 1.1 installed or that they would install it in the future.

Surprisingly few (1.2%) of our readers reported that they had no intention of ever installing Java. Could this be because Java is the wave of the future? Or is it just because it's free? Read on...

Do you use Java applications?

The numbers were slightly less enthusiastic when we asked our readers if they actually used Java, though. However, there was still a clear majority (62.3%) that do use Java apps. But then again, most of those (52.8% of our readers) only use Java apps occasionally.

Perhaps most telling about Java's current popularity is the fact that almost 1 in 4 of our readers has tried some Java apps, but deleted them.

Will Java be a major "platform" in the future?

As everyone probably knows by now, Microsoft is waging a small war against the "100% Pure Java" initiative started by Sun Microsystems and others. Without commenting on Microsoft's motives for this action, we can report that our readers don't hold much hope for their version of Java. Only 2.2% reported that they believed Microsoft's Java would become a major platform, while another 14.8% believed that both Microsoft's and Sun's versions would be.

Compare this with those who believe in the future of Sun's version of Java (46.4%) and it becomes clear that Microsoft has its work cut out for it in terms of market acceptance.

Will Java be beneficial to OS/2 home users?

Finally last month, we asked the most important question. What does all this mean to us? While the majority of you (57.1%) were fairly confident that Java (the "100% Pure" variety) would help OS/2 home users, a fairly large group (22.0%) are still unsure.

Only time will tell, but if the general population turns out to be as enthusiastic as our readers are, "100% Pure Java" should be a significant force.

In addition to asking our readers what they thought, our staff members also "had it out" on this topic this month. Don't forget to check out the complete debate featured in this issue.

Also, don't forget to fill out this month's questionnaire and check back in October for complete results!


Complete August '97 Survey Results

Do you have Java or will you install it in the future? Do you use Java applications?
Don't have it, don't want it171.2%
I have v1.02 installed75453.1%
I have v1.1 installed57740.6%
I will install it within 3 months151.1%
I will install it within 6 months6.4%
I will install it within 1 year2.1%
I will install it, but don't know when332.3%
I don't have a clue171.2%
Note: the extra 0.1% in the above table is due to rounding errors.
I told you, I don't have Java503.5%
I tried some, but deleted them34624.3%
Yes, I use Java apps occasionally75052.8%
Yes, I use Java apps frequently1359.5%
I'm not sure1409.9%
Will Java be a major "platform" in the future?

Not a chance866.1%
Microsoft's version of Java will be312.2%
100 Percent Pure Java will be65946.4%
Both versions of Java will be21014.8%
I really couldn't say43530.6%
Note: the extra 0.1% in the above table is due to rounding errors.

Will Java be beneficial to OS/2 home users?

No way976.8%
Yes, 100 Percent Pure Java will be81157.1%
Yes, any Java will be20114.1%
Hey, if I knew that, I'd be rich31222.0%

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