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HTML Editors - Introduction

HTML Purists and Right-Brained Designers still fight bitterly over which is superior; code-level or WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web page editors. Both do more or less the same job, both are capable of producing the same results, but each does it in a fundamentally different way. In this review of three HTML (or "Web page") editors, only one is "WYSIWYG", while the other two thrust you knee deep into the particulars of HTML source code.

The first of the code-level editors is HTML Studio - winner of the 1996 Readers Choice Award and Runner Up in the 1997 award for HTML Editors. Made by Panacea, the same company that produced another e-Zine! Reader's Choice Runner-Up -- ProNews/2 -- Chris Wenham reviews it for us this month.

Second is HTML-Ed, a personal favorite among several e-Zine! staff members, and most notable for its speed, keyboard control and unique way of managing the preview mode. Colin Hildinger has this review.

Editor's Choice

Third, and the winner of our Editor's Choice, is HomePage Publisher by JBC. Not only did it win Readers Choice in our 1997 awards, but it earned Runner-Up status the year before, performing a kind of tango with HTML Studio for the same spot. But yes, we fell to the clutches of the Dark Side and picked the one "WYSIWYG" editor from the set, we must surely be losing our grip. Chris Wright tells us how it works for him.


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