Chris' Rant- by Chris Wenham

Predictions For A Perfect World

If an alternate universe with a different set of physics merged with ours, and if suddenly only the Right Thingtm ever happened in all situations, these then are the events I would predict for the future:

April 1st, 1998

April 2nd, 1998

April 4th, 1998

April 6th, 1998

April 14th, 1998

May 12th, 1998

May 13th, 1998

May 27th, 1998

June 1st, 1998

June 8th, 1998

July 4th, 1998

November 3rd, 1998

June 31st, 2000:

* * *

So, you think you're Nostradamus and can predict the future better than me, eh? Well prove it, in our Hypernews talkback forum.

Chris Wenham is the Senior Editor of OS/2 e-Zine! -- a promotion from Assistant Editor which means his parking spot will now be wide enough to keep his bicycle and a trailer.


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