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September 16/98 Reader Survey
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Have you ever wondered what your fellow OS/2 users are doing with their computers and how they're doing it?

Each issue, OS/2 e-Zine! takes the pulse of the OS/2 community on a different topic and presents you with the results.

Just fill in the form on this page and check our next issue to find out how "normal" you really are!

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Do you have an idea that you think would make a good survey question?

This issue's topic: Where Will New OS/2 Software Come From?
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What kind of software would you like to see more of for OS/2?

What was the last piece of major software you installed on your machine?

Have you tried Win32-OS/2?

In the future, how much of your software do you anticipate being Windows 95 applications converted with Win32-OS/2?

How much do you anticipate being commercial/shrinkwrap OS/2 applications?

How much do you anticipate being Shareware?

How much do you anticipate being Free/Open-source applications?

(Please click the "Send it!" button only once.)

1. Only one entry per reader will be counted.
2. All questions must be answered to be counted.
3. Information must be received on or before September 29, 1998.

Complete results of this survey will be printed in our next issue (October 1, 1998).

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